Executive Search

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Engage our world class global executive search capabilities to gain real competitive advantage in the war for talent.  Our track record speaks for itself and we have helped companies scale from zero to 350+ people.

Disciplined Recruitment execution

Our Data Rich Talent Formula

How can you accelerate team growth while maintaining cultural alignment and shared vision?

We apply a systematic, data rich approach to uncovering the talent in your networks.

Through analyzing our clients’ talent networks and looking for intersections with our own global network of over 50,000 connections we can engage talent in a unique and personal way.

Building Teams and Expanding Horizons

In a competitive talent market you need a partner
who takes the time to understand your team's unique trajectory.

The earlier you can engage us, the more added value we will bring.  

Our Bermuda, London and New York based team of experienced executives give us global reach

Solution #1

Executive Search

Our Leadership Team helps recruit yours

  • Step 1: We meet your Leadership Team and get behind the brief
  • Step 2: We apply our data-driven approach to build talent pools which factor in growth potential
  • Step 3: We enlist the broader Your Partners Leadership to help identify and qualify candidates

Solution #2

Team Build-Outs

We specialise in building from point zero

  • Step 1: We embed in your team and help you plan out your approach
  • Step 2: We employ a disciplined outreach which ensures all relevant candidates are considered
  • Step 3: We recruit with DEI in mind and help you balance your team for healthy growth

Solution #3

Culture Development

A values-based approach to success

  • Step 1: We help your Leaders surface their core beliefs and desired behaviors and create alignment
  • Step 2: We use a powerful assessment framework to identify the entire team's personal leadership values and highlight all the gaps
  • Step 3: We focus on core areas where there might be disconnects and give you the tools to address them

Featured Clients

Selected Global Placements

  • Global Head of Insurance Sales (Global – London based)
  • Chief Commercial Officer (Global – London based)
  • CIO (Global – London based)
  • Head of Strategy (Global – London based)
  • Chief Architect (Global – Zurich based)
  • Chief Product Officer (Global – Zurich based)
  • Head of EMEA Legal (London based)
  • CFO (London based)
  • Head of Strategic Alliances (EMEA – London based)
  • Head of Solutions Engineering (Global – London based)
  • Head of Professional Services (Global – London based)
  • Head of Pre-Sales / Sales Engineering (Global – London based)
  • Head of Product (Global – London based)
  • Head of Developer Relations (Global – London based)
  • Head of HR (& team Global – London based)
  • Head of Deployment (Global – London based)
  • Head of Capital Market Sales (Global – London based)
  • Global Head of Insurance (Global – New York based)
  • CTO (Global – New York based)
  • Head of Corporate Development (Global – New York based)
  • General Counsel (Global – New York based)
  • Director of Platform Engineering
  • Head of ISV Program Management & Strategic Alliances (Global – NY based)
  • Team build out in Sao Paulo (Country Heads and teams)
  • Head of Marketing (& 80% of team of 10 – Global – New York based)
  • Head of Global Sales Operations – (Global – Boston based)
  • Head of Q&A – (Global – Boston based)
  • Head of Corporate Development & Corporate Development Manager (Global – New York based)
  • Head of APAC (APAC – Singapore based)
  • Head of Sales (APAC – Singapore based)
  • Head of Sales (South Korea – Seoul based)
  • Team build outs Mumbai and Hong Kong (Country Heads and teams)


  • Your approach to recruitment is fragmented and your brand in the talent market is not being communicated consistently
  • There is a major dislocation between talent supply and demand
  • The faster you grow, the harder it can be to keep everyone on the same page


  • You'll ensure that career opportunities are expressed carefully and accurately to the market by your recruiting team
  • You'll navigate the talent market with much greater efficiency
  • You'll foster greater cultural alignment across a fast growing team

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