Your flexible path to operational readiness

There’s no one size fits all model for meeting head office requirements in Bermuda.  

We will help you line up your local team to complement your global leadership to meet the nature, scale and complexity of your business objectives 

fractional leadership

A model for growth

We offer a powerful model to companies looking to access the local experience they require whilst maintaining organisational flexibility.

  • Demystify the unknowns using our expertise and experience to build a people plan that co-evolves with your business
  • Avoid the heavy investment in full-time employees until you’re ready
  • Choose from our deep bench of curated fractional executives
  • Remove friction from the hiring process by leaving the payroll logistics to us
How The Process Works

Identify Requirement

Shortlist &
Evaluate Candidates

Engage Talent

  • We assist in developing a People Plan for your organisation based on the nature of your business and the resources you have in other locations
  • Essential Bermuda tasks are pinpointed and specified
  • We put together a shortlist of available profiles and explains the match
  • You can assess each candidate based on your preferred mixture of skillset, cultural fit and availability
  • We contract your preferred candidates on a monthly retainer which fairly fractionalizes the cost of payroll taxes and employment benefits
  • We continually revisit your People Plan and calibrate talent needs on an ongoing basis
Operational Readiness Achieved

What Success Looks Like

  • We lead you through your Bermuda onboarding process to ensure that you remain ahead of the curve for local recruiting.
  • Our bench can be leveraged to significantly reduce the cost of hiring in Bermuda.
  • The talent you require may not dictate full-time dedication and expense at first (or perhaps ever), so our talent-as-a-service allows you to only pay for what you need.


  • You're unable to locate or afford key talent
  • Your have regulatory staffing obligations you must meet
  • You don't have an expert partner who understands your business to help you build your local team


  • You can access the key skills you need fractionally from the best talent available in the market
  • You can balance the capabilities of your global team with those enabled by your right-sized local team
  • You have a local partner who will grow with you