Expert Consulting

There is no one-size-fits all approach to the Bermuda licensing process.  

We have worked with many of Bermuda’s Fintech and Insuretech companies and can help you construct your blueprint for licensing success.  

On top of that we can make connections and introductions and reduce the friction of getting your operations set up in the jurisdiction.

yoUr secret weapon

It's all about credibility

Invest in a proven partner
You have chosen to domicile in Bermuda because of it’s culture of excellence when it comes to regulated business across digital assets and innovative insurance and fund structures.

Amplify your strategy by harnessing our Core Team’s decades of experience and connections both locally and globally.

Invest in a proven partner who can shepherd you through the process, adding context and nuance to your business discussions with the regulator and who can save you time and money in both standing up and getting your new company to market.


Maximize Your Impact

We don't just add business context and nuance to your local dealings, we can actively step in to act as an extension of the team and get things done!

We’ll grow with you and provide you with ongoing knowledge and connections so you can fully leverage Bermuda’s international business platform.  Even after you’ve hired your first local team members you’ll want to keep us around to provide ongoing market context and connections to accelerate your growth.

Early Stages

Context & Connections

From initial jurisdiction selection
to managing your ongoing relationship with the BMA

  • If you haven’t met key stakeholders like Bermuda government officials, we can make that happen
  • If you haven’t selected a law firm we can recommend best fits and make introductions
  • If you are ready to submit your application to the BMA but want to minimize legal bills, we can project manage and chase all of the non-legal tasks, conditions and follow ups
  • Once the licensing discussions switch to real business context we will help you navigate pre-license requirements and post-license conditions
  • We help you understand and define a plan for economic substance that changes with your business over time

Going Live

"That Was Easy!"

As you chart the path towards going live,
we'll step in and remove the friction

  • You breathe a big sigh of relief once your BMA application has been submitted, but now what?
  • How do you set up bank accounts, payroll, health care, insurance, locate office space, etc?
  • Your extended team is just getting started helping you shortcut the learning curve and minimize headaches as you bring your business to life across the ocean
  • Managing regulatory requirements, your people plan and logistics is an ongoing process and luckily for you, our flexible model allows for fractional support on an ongoing basis


  • You need help navigating Bermuda that goes beyond legal advice
  • You're trying to activate your new entity remotely
  • You're concerned that you might make poor vendor choices or get bogged down in their onboarding process


  • You have a better idea of what the BMA expects from a business perspective
  • Your Partners can do some heavy-lifting on the ground, and on your behalf
  • We give you the expert knowledge and local connections you need to make you say "that was easy!"

Now you have a choice: