War Room

Sometimes you need the benefit of cross-functional advice to solve a particular problem. Our unique structure enables us to help young companies examine problems from multiple experienced standpoints.
War Room

Get Perspective

It’s ok to make mistakes if you learn from them, but how do you differentiate between the mistakes you can afford to make as a learning experience and the ones that you can’t? We can help you navigate this.
  • We play the role of the “black hat” when thinking through complex decisions to flush out the unintended consequences
  • We teach you to be pragmatic about making trade-offs
  • We offer your management team perspective either collectively or individually
  • We can help new managers think through the hard decisions they will inevitably face by providing perspective drawn from years of experience


  • You make decisions on the fly without vetting the long-term implications
  • Big decisions keep your company from moving forward
  • You don't quite know how to solve complex situations where you need expert advice


  • Complex situations become more tractable when all potential issues have been identified
  • You will have experienced partners to embed with your team and manage complexity from the inside
  • Problems won't keep you up at night once you’ve got us on speed dial

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