Get outbound Momentum,
Meet your Milestones

Momentum is achieved through consistency and quality.  

Milestones delivers a disciplined cadence of outreach to a highly targeted audience that extends far beyond your warm network.

Go-to-market Milestones

Capturing Momentum

  1. Quality
    • Achieved through differentiated and ownable positioning, clarity of message, coordination of purpose
    • Excellent branding and positioning – know your audience, know your message
    • Continually improve. The market speaks and you must listen and act with a continuous feedback loop that improves product delivery and improves culture
  1. Consistency:
    • Achieved through process, feedback and goals
    • Consistent Outbound Sales & Marketing utilizing automation

Time kills deals. Inertia kills growth. Get outbound momentum.

Milestones: A Systematic Process

As your Go-To-Market partner, we have combined the marketing and sales disciplines into a holistic customer acquisition process.  Accelerate growth with a proven structure that delivers consistent strategic outreach to your target markets


Start at the End

engineer your customized Go-to-Market machine using your revenue and client acquisition targets as the initial component


Sales + Marketing

Bring Sales and Marketing together as a single lead generation machine


Measurable GTM

Deliver a measurable “living GTM plan,” a real-time Command Center for coordinating your Sales, Marketing, Product and Leadership efforts


Execute in partnership

we are Your Partners

The Diamond Standard

Most marketers live by the classic brand pyramid which starts at the top with a company’s true purpose and works its way down to the foundational reasons to believe.

On the flip side, marketers’ counterparts in sales live by the classic sales funnel which begins with awareness, narrows to consideration and ultimately to conversion.

Isn’t it ironic that these are the same shape, yet inverted?

Milestones takes a singular approach by merging these processes into what we call “The Diamond Standard.”

A brand’s big idea is the company’s North Star from which all else flows.  This must be compelling and differentiated, yet simple.  A solid messaging framework informs the go-to-market strategy at every touchpoint.

Particularly across the B2B buyer journey, the right message must be delivered at the right time to the right person until they are open-minded about your offering and this is no easy trick.


  • Brand development and identity
  • Product and brand marketing
  • Target list research
  • Persona/ICP development
  • Competitive analysis
  • Website development
  • Content marketing
  • Blog writing
  • Graphic design
  • Video production (brand, product, tutorial)
  • SEO/Google Adwords
  • Social media
  • Sales Operations
  • Growth marketing
  • Collateral productions (1-pagers, PowerPoints, signage, tradeshow booths, infographics)
  • Sales ICP data collection
  • Assess TAM / SAM / SOM
  • Model sales revenues
  • Pricing and packaging
  • Reporting and pipeline management
  • Sales playbooks
  • Execution Management and Support


  • number-one-in-a-circle
    Brand strategy and positioning
  • number-two-in-a-circle
    Command Center containing all materials, playbooks, scripts and outreach plans
  • number-three-in-a-circle
    Sales Operations tools: reporting, technology stack, data analytics

Producing the tools, processes and opportunities for salespeople to be successful.


  • Scattershot approach to BD
  • Reactionary tactical response
  • Uncoordinated, warm network only


  • Hyper targeted market segmentation
  • Proactive strategic outreach
  • Structured GTM process to cold audiences

Now you have a choice:


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