Culture Development

Our goal is to help companies execute on their mission but avoid creating key person dependencies. We see our roles primarily as trainers and mentors, using our accumulated experience to help build sustainable organizations.

Talent Development

Team Development & Training

We help prepare strategically for the next phase of growth by examining how our clients are set up as an organisation and suggesting different strategies to activate sustainable growth.

  • Skills gaps can potentially be closed through a combination of your existing resources and strategic mentoring, rather than going out to the market to hire in new skills
  • Providing bespoke training for your team will incentivize them via opportunities to accelerate career growth
  • Hiring with DEI in mind can help avoid the trap of an inverted pyramid or barbell organization. We can train your team to build strength in the middle

Invest in identifying your unique culture

The second biggest mistake companies make is trying to retrofit culture. The biggest mistake is not paying attention to the importance of culture at all

Culture is more than just how we do things around here
A strong culture is why your team comes to work in the morning and runs through walls to do the impossible. 
It has a meaningful impact on how the team copes with ambiguity and bumps in the road and it also strengthens the ability to attract and retain the best talent.

Solution #1

Offsite Facilitation

Understand your core objectives and find harmony

  • Step 1: Clarify the true objectives for the session
  • Step 2: Conduct an assessment to facilitate discussion around people’s preferences; could include Myers Briggs, DiSC, Hogan, NBI Thinking Preferences etc. to help design the agenda
  • Step 3: Help the Leadership Team execute the offsite according to their desired objectives.

Solution #2

Value-based approach to culture

Nurture the culture you believe is essential to achieving success

  • Step 1: Help the Leadership team surface their core beliefs and desired behaviors and create alignment at the management level
  • Step 2: Use a powerful assessment framework to identify the entire’s team’s personal Leadership Values and highlight the gap between current culture and desirable culture
  • Step 3: Focus on core areas where there might be disconnects e.g. communication, collaboration, innovation, trust, etc.


  • You know the talent market is overheated & have difficulty navigating it
  • You know that there’s latent capacity in your existing team, but you’re not sure how to activate it
  • Your new Leadership Team has not yet gelled into a productive unit


  • You can close skills gaps without having to go through the pain of hiring
  • Your team are happy, productive and meeting their personal growth aspirations
  • You have built a high-performing leadership team and a cohesive company

Now you have a choice: