Bermuda’s powerful solutions for insuring digital assets

Co-written by Stafford Lowe of Your Partners and Sarah Demerling, Partner at Walkers Bermuda In the “flight to quality” to well regulated jurisdictions, Bermuda is the premier domicile for the wide spectrum of innovative companies building the future of finance and (re)insurance.   Strong, credible regulation combines with access to insurance to create a unique twin-pronged […]

Back in the Big Apple

Your Partners was thrilled to be a part of the Bermuda Executive Forum which took place in New York City last Wednesday.  The Executive Forum is a key stop on Bermuda’s annual road show in each of the global financial centers and it was the first time that the event was held live in New […]

Bermuda’s pain pill for hiring headaches

As we exit the pandemic-driven slowdown, the battle for FinTech talent has reached fever pitch.   Companies at Series C or D stage, who have been lucky enough to raise large sums at mouth-watering valuations, find themselves competing with publicly traded big tech companies who are busy buying up the talent market in key locations.  This […]

Fishing in Bermuda’s Talent Pool

The question of the Bermuda Talent pool is one which frequently comes up in conversations with Digital Asset Businesses looking to develop a presence in Bermuda.   Companies planning to make Bermuda a hub for their international operations need to know what sort of talent is available in order to fine tune their business plans and […]

ESOPs allow teams to share in the dream

First, know thyself Founders, when structuring your ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) it’s helpful to ask yourself some fundamental questions. Quite simply, what sort of company are you setting out to build and how long is it going to take you to reach profitability? If you’re a Technology company with a mandate to develop, license […]

Sun, Safety and Start-up Structure

A few years ago I wrote a blog for a former company where I explained exactly why I was such a fan of Bermuda as a place for FinTech start-ups to domicile. My conviction about Bermuda has only become stronger over time. The island has weathered the Covid-19 pandemic extremely well through a combination of […]

Crafting Your Pirate Code

“The opportunity is not to discover the perfect company for ourselves. The opportunity is to build the perfect company for each other” Simon Sinek Tweet My role as the Chief Culture Officer of a Fintech startup was to help the team do just that. To build the perfect company for each other. The collective goal […]

Our mission at [Y]our Partners

You will make mistakes leading your startup. Everyone does. Each mistake costs you precious runway. Will you make more mistakes than your runway can bear, or will you break through? Every distraction takes your time away from making better decisions. Yet everyone expects your business to magically operate like “a proper company” without the comfort […]