Bermuda Activation

Your Partners provides on the ground support to meet key regulatory deliverables coupled with the recruitment expertise to build your Bermuda Team.

Bermuda Activation

Sophisticated Business & Recruiting Support

We partner with our client’s onshore teams to help build and execute the People strategy for their new Bermuda office. 

  • Executive recruitment of a Bermuda based permanent employee (e.g. Head of Risk, Head of Compliance, Head of Finance) to assume the ongoing responsibilities of the Senior Representative 
  • Support with work permit application(s) and immigration department liaison where necessary for Client employees relocating to Bermuda 
  • Assistance to Client procurement teams to source payroll vendors 
  • Assistance to Client facilities management in sourcing office space 
  • Assistance to Client HR teams regarding Bermuda specific HR matters including compensation and benefits benchmarking 
  • Generalist support to Client employees relocating to the jurisdiction

Bermuda FinTech Opportunity

  • The Bermuda Government is 4 years into its program to attract FinTech companies
  • Major players like BlockFi, Circle, CrossTower, XBTO, Bittrex & Stablehouse have all been licensed to conduct business in Bermuda
  • Other globally significant companies are currently going through licensing process and the NEXT industry association has formed
  • The Premier of Bermuda has pledged publicly to facilitate work permits for Fintech companies
  • In 2021 a $2.5MM investment program to qualify for long-term residency was launched
  • Bermuda is committed to upskilling its locally available talent across finance, compliance, AML, operations and legal
Fast Track
"out of the box"

Interim Senior Rep Services

  • Fast track your ability to meet BMA Head Office requirements and get your license application in sooner.

  • Get instant short-term on the ground representation coupled with strategic recruiting to build your long-term team

  • Take a lean approach to managing and containing OpEx

  • Don’t settle for a rubber stamp – be challenged to build your business better


  • You have good professional advisors, but very few with true startup experience
  • While Bermuda is a business-friendly jurisdiction, getting set-up can be painful if you've not done it before
  • You have no one on the ground to act as the catalyst for growth


  • You are getting pragmatic, right-sized advice and spending money wisely
  • You will have on the ground support to help grow your company and build your reputation
  • You will have harmonized your new Bermuda company with your existing international operations

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